I Am Single Again


I can not explain, because I don’t understand, it was not my idea. We never had a fight or disagreement. He was always respectful and polite. He said I love you just a short while earlier. He said he does not think he can be in the kind of relationship I want. What? I guess it took him over a year to realize. He also said he wanted to see other people (he used people instead of women?). This was just messaged to me out of the blue. I had a immediate response of swear words, death threats, and curses I messaged back to him. I called him a liar, since he has to be lying now, or he lied to me in the past. I finally calmed down enough to apologize for my harsher death threats and curses. That does not stop me from breaking down (hopefully less now, each passing day makes it more real). Uhhhggg…so many negative and bad things getting thrown at me all at once. My son got sick. My dog ate stuff she shouldn’t and is scratching herself till she bleeds, my boiler does not work, my toilet is leaking, my drainage problem has returned.

I have learned not to worry and stress about my problems since my stroke, but I still think and sometimes obsess over them. Maybe getting dumped will be the best thing that happened to me. It does not feel like it now.