2015 try try again

I have not given up trying to write on this blog. I have so much to do, and not to do on my lazy days. The internet speeds varies, and it is always slower than it used to be. WordPress is one of those sites I am lucky if I can read it, but don’t try to click on anything or post or I have to wait five minutes. Nobody got time for that…lol.

I went to my beloved auction last Friday. I was both happy and sad that I did not spend much. I was happy because I got a lot of amazing things. I was sad that what I wanted everybody else did too, and bid it up over my budget. It left no meat on the bone to resell. To borrow a phrase from the American Pickers.


Here is something that was in a box lot of interesting booklets and pictures that I won the bid on. It has the original frame. I love the poem, so I copied it to my computer, shared on FB and now sharing here.
from a early 1900’s Reinthal and Newnan Publishers NY numbered souvenir print;

A Chum
The friend who sinks so deep in your heart,
That neither “hard luck” nor “fortune” can part;
Whose hopes and wishes are so entwined,
With those of your own, they’re all of a mind;
Whose soul your secrets you trust to alone,
As yours she trusts with those of her own;
Who’d go to the end of the World for you,
Go over the edge, and further on, too,
Go right to the limit, and “that’s going some”,
Is the only friend to call A Chum. – James Hough


One thought on “2015 try try again

  1. Loved the poem, thanks for sharing it. So glad to learn that you’re still kicking, even if it’s not as high. 😀

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