When Expectations Happen


I won’t even comment too much on my absence from blogging lately…it is the same of everything I try to get done. I took my camera out on my New Years Eve trip to Boston. I liked this landscaping grate, and my camera just went off giving me a random picture that I like even more than if I pointed and aimed.

I will be going on another journey next week at this time I will be sleeping at my older son’s new residence. He moved into his friend/girlfriends old farmhouse. I have yet to visit, it is 1 1/2 hours away. I have a once in my lifetime trip planned soon after. I will be flying in an airplane for the first time ever. I will be going on a 7 day cruise to countries I only dreamed about ever seeing. I will fill in all the details after I get back and my stroke brain recoups enough.

I have still been trying to go out with the meetup groups here and there. I have been trying to cut back on my food consumption so my shorts fit better. I am still seeing an old friend from school. We went to a movie and dinner last Friday, we text back and forth almost daily. He wants to see me again, possibly Saturday. I am still struggling to keep my 15 year old son going to school. He has a easy week next week, it is regents testing and he has more than one day off. He says it is the end of the marking period soon, so the freshmen seminar class he had to take and complained about almost daily will be over. That will make me feel better, not hearing the same complaints of how tough it is to be in school. How I wish I could just hang out in school again, or go to work. I have been thinking a lot lately of what I can do as a career. I can’t stand the isolation of staying home most of the time. I know my brain is too confused to do anything too complicated for long. I still am not mastering the shower and get ready for public thing too often.

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