My Week Of Firsts, and Checking Off the Bucket List


While I was away on vacation, I checked off some serious items from my bucket list. First of all I never, ever have been on a plane. Even before my stroke I was too scared of heights and had too many nightmares of plane crashes. I guess having the stroke made me realize how many times I have played it “safe” to no avail. I have to take chances to get different results, right? Anyway, my well traveled daughter wanted to take me on a cruise. I wanted to see some Central America countries and Mayan ruins. So she paid for both of us to getaway for a 7 day cruise. It was supposed to be to celebrate our 50th and 30th birthdays, but she became a mother instead so we waited until this year.

A list of my firsts: first time flying, first cruise, first professional pedicure, first time out of my country (not counting Canada since its so close and I spent much time there until I was 17), enjoyed stops in Mexico, Belize, and Honduras, saw some Mayan ruins, learned some Botany, learned some culture, saw real Manatees, saw real Sea Turtles, saw real Flamingos, floated down the man made partially underground river of Xcaret (this was a dream since I worked at Travelocity), floated underneath real bats sleeping in a cave, first time singing Karaoke in a semi crowded bar, first time seeing New Orleans and seeing some Mardis Gras parades, first tasting of collard greens and catfish, first time in a hot tub since my stroke (I spent some time in one the day I had my stroke at night, so thought it might have contributed)

So now my to dos on my bucket list are almost complete, the hardest part of being on a tropical vacation in the middle of winter is coming home to snow storm after snow storm….it makes me yearn to be a snowbird even more

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