Fat Ladies Food Journal


I weigh close to 200 pounds if not a pound or two more. It is more than I weighed when I had my stroke. I eat too much pizza, and too much in general. I don’t exercise enough. I always have an excuse not to walk around, mostly I feel awkward since I walk funny. I can not afford the gym, even though I say I need to join. I can not pay all my bills now. This is the worse time of year for bills. It has been below zero, I can hear my heat running almost all night. I am not going to turn my thermostat down from 70 degrees. I don’t want the horror of freezing pipes I had last year. I am trying to keep my teenage son’s morale up, not just my own. So, maybe writing down what I eat everyday will help. Maybe not, but it should not hurt.

Yesterday, I was kind of down from the cold weather and more snow, even though the sun was shining. I only made it out to my car and back to take my son to spend the money burning a hole in his pocket. He has a week off from school, so he needs to keep occupied. I made him shovel a path to the car, the end of the driveway (so we would make it out) and clear off and warm up the car. He did all of the above, that is like a miracle.

OK, I know I get sidetracked too easily. Yesterday, I started off like most days, with a large mug of tea. It had NOTHING added, no sugar or milk. I also had orange juice, I love it and feel I need the vitamins. I also had a peanut butter sandwich or sammich (as I call them). Just gobs of peanut butter, no jelly. I still have trouble spreading it basically one handed, so I gob it on….its yummy. Midday I had some plain tortilla chips with a little salsa. It was salty and messy, stupid skinny jar (don’t want to wash more dishes by pouring into a bowl) Dinner was rice with sodium free bouillon and some sodium free spaghetti sauce and frozen corn mixed in with a couple pieces of chicken tenders (very salty, but easy to heat and eat) I made the corn separate for my son, but he did not like it so I added it to mine. I also cooked the chicken tenders for him, he did not even try them. Sometime during the day I had left over homemade pizza. It was plain cheese.(made for my son a few weeks ago and frozen, he forgot about it) I believe this is all I had all day, but I forget things. I might have had an apple and or more juice.

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