Cabin Fever


My pic is a sculpture from the The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Gardens in New Orleans. It was free! It was excellent weather! I am no longer there, it has been below zero temps here. Record low temps, uggghhh. It has been sunny though, and my pipes have not frozen yet! I still have cabin fever, there is nothing close by to get away for awhile that is also FREE.

I will get out today to do laundry. I also have to drop off my son for a field trip. He gets to go out to dinner and a theatre show. I can not afford even a drive-thru dollar menu item. I have to save my few dollars to do more laundry and buy some healthy food for my son and I to last to next payday.

Yesterday I realized I ate a couple servings of cheddar I forgot to add to my food journal I posted. My food journal for yesterday. My plain tea, couple servings of cheddar and leftover chicken pieces for breakfast with orange juice. Snacked on an apple and a few too many honey wheat pretzels. I craved more snacking but was too lazy to make popcorn or wash the grapes. I finished my day with two tuna sandwiches with dill pickles on wheat bread. I had a lot of protein yesterday. Today, I am starting off with the grapes, cheddar, and tea.