Not Going To Do The Food Journal Anymore


I suck at journaling…I suck at remembering. I did finish off the bag of grapes yesterday. I also had rice with broccoli, green peppers, onions, spaghetti sauce and a small can of tomato soup mixture. I hate tomato soup, but I did not want to waste it. Most of my cooking is throwing random things together. I will probably make pasta today, or something baked in the oven.

It is still very cold and windy here. I am going nuts, feeling shut in. I have been out the last two days, but only to the store or drop my son off. So cut off socially is more like it. I still have not made it to the casino about a mile away. I figure it is a warm place to walk around and explore. I have been spending way to much time looking at apartments on craigslist in warmer climates. I won’t be moving anytime soon, unless my house collapses from the weight of the snow. (that is just a joke, I hope) It is right now the highest snow accumulation since I moved here a few years ago. It is now over the seats of my outdoor chairs, drifts and roadside banks even higher.

I am surrounded by stuff I should be listing on ebay to get out of here. Tonight is auction night, but between the weather and sucky driving and the fact that I should not bring in another single item into this tiny house, I will remain home.