I Have Decided To Train To Be A Snowbird


The first words I spoke this morning, as I opened the door to let my dog out, “Phuck it is snowing again”. It is already piled higher than I can lift a shovel one handed. I hate relying on a lazy teenager. I want to wake up and be able to take a morning stroll. I want to take an evening walk, or weekend hike. I don’t want to deal with snow for more than a minute.

I got the brilliant idea to start clearing out my house now of all the junk I never use or look at. I have the advantage of I have three years to accomplish this. I am making it my life goal, everything I own will fit in my car including my pets. I will most likely try to sell this place and try to live in an urban apartment part of the time. Then travel around the US in my homemade RV, made from a minivan. I will mix it up with stays at B & B’s or hotels as needed. It gives me something to dream about as I get buried in snow. I have already spent a few hours on pinterest, after not pinning for months. Pinterest is my idea board. I always forget my ideas.