Counting Down The Days, To Next Payday


I will be babysitting all weekend for two neighbor boys. What was I thinking? I need to learn the word NO. Three boys playing video games, and all the annoying, tiring things I will have to do. Cooking and washing dishes will be the most challenging. I basically said yes because I saw dollar signs dancing in front of my face when my neighbor told me how much she was paying. I will be more looking forward to it being over, it also means this coldest snowiest month will be over. March could be even snowier. I know that, but the days are longer and there is much more hope that winter is over. It is warm and sunny in other parts of the world at the same time.

Well besides being closer to spring, the long awaited once a month social security check time will be here. I look forward to getting my hair cut and colored. I will finally join the gym. The heart walk is coming fast. Before I know it, it will be the 4th anniversary of my stroke. I don’t call it my rebirthday or anything, just a moment to pause and reflect that I made it one more year. The worst day of my life happened in March, but it is also my sister’s real birthday a day later.

One of my pipes froze yesterday. It was record cold windchill here. It warmed up quickly and did not burst. I feel so lucky compared to last year. Cars are like houses, so many things to take care of to keep it running.

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