Millions of Unorganized Thoughts That Lead No Where


I woke up early. I feel my mind reeling, but I did not write my thoughts down so many are lost. One thought, as I was thinking I want to go back to work, was to flip country lots instead of houses. I can not rehab a house anymore with my own hands. I do spend many hours looking at real estate all over the country. I should buy little plots all over, here and there. After I visit them, parking my minivan home on them for a few nights, I could decide if I want to sell them or keep them in my portfolio. I would of course plant something on it, and take a bunch of pics.

Thoughts on my cross country trip….still in the infancy of planning (daydream)…look into portable solar to charge a few outlets in my vehicle. The idea is not to fix it to the roof, since then my vehicle would have to be in the sun instead of the shade.

Sad thoughts on my trip. I don’t think anyone will be joining me. The relationship with the guy I thought I was hitting it off with kind of is fizzling and fading away. I am not 100% certain yet, but I have that bad feeling in my gut. He certainly has spent much less time texting me, and has not even attempted a get together recently. I don’t think he was real thrilled to hear my thoughts about traveling anyway. I know everyone can not be a gypsy, but I think it is in my blood.

My thoughts on the weather… is snowing again…….UUUGGGHHHH, and I feel even more bummed about this weather than I am letting on.