If Mister Peanut and a Penguin Had a Baby?


I know I am nuts, but that is what I think of when I look at this.

My legs feel better today, still fatigued but I did laundry last night and shoveled a bit today. I need to shovel some more while the snow is in melt mode. I want my sidewalk/walkway to my car on the high side. The high side still gets standing water in flood situations, but where my walkway was snowblowed now I will sink in and the water will be at least 4″ deep. Worse yet it could be super thick ice when it dips below freezing again. I seriously need to place my driveway/parking spot much closer to my door. It will require less shoveling and less fall danger.

I only need to survive three more winters here. My son will be graduated. My house and car will be paid off, hopefully. I will be in warmer climate about 6 months per year. I am not sure if I will be in an apartment or couch surfing from family member to family member when not traveling the remaining 6 months. I am guessing it will be couch surfing to save $$$ for my travels. I won’t literally be on their couch the whole time. I will still stay in my converted camper van, but it will be parked in their driveway. I have been daydreaming, planning and debating my choice of camping/traveling vehicle. I narrowed it down between a minivan or regular size van, converted and customized of course by my design to fit my needs.

My goal as soon as we have clear dry roads is to try to ride my son’s small bike. I need to see if I can ride a bike post stroke. The next step will be to see what type of bike would be best for me to take on the road. It will be day or weekend trips at first with the bike. I will need an easy for me carrier, a lite enough for me to lift bike, and maps of bike trails in driving distance from my house. I also need to find the perfect basket or pack to put on a bike to carry my camera, spare clothes and water.

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