Uptown Funk gets me out of my Funk


I took this pic to remember the restaurant we ate at the first night I was in New Orleans. It had really good chicken, and tasty collard greens. It was my first taste of collard greens.

It is Saint Patrick’s Day. Most of the parades were last weekend around here. It was too cold for me to navigate the dirty, slushy streets by foot to watch. I have been in a funk since I did the 3 mile walk. Music helps me get out of it. Long drives help too. I did errands with Ashley yesterday. It was grey skies but I wore my sunglasses anyway. I have light sensitive eyes.

The snow in my yard is compacting and melting more. It has been raining a little. I love the snow disappearing, it does not happen fast enough. I still have about a foot left to melt in my yard.

I have to take my son to his group meeting today. I will use the time I have to wait for him to drive to somewhere new with my camera. I have not did a drive-by shooting in a long time. I hope to get out of the car and let Ashley run free for a bit too. She does not like to get her feet wet, so she might not want to get out of the car. She will enjoy smelling out the window though.