Made to Last


Some things are built to last, others are built for ease of profits. Relationships are the same way. A good relationship still eludes me. I am happy to be on my own, and I am very independent.

A friend I went to school with recently just passed away. There has been too many in my age group passing away too young. This will always be a reminder that NOW is the time to live.

I finished my cheap and easy window covering for my big picture window. I did not view it from outside yet. I hope it does not look too shabby. I plan on covering it with a fabric to make it fit perfectly. I also plan on putting on some more velcro, right now it has one strip per section. I had to get it up in a hurry. People have been hanging out in front of my small deck and leaving their cigarette butts behind. I smell cigarette smoke from time to time around my house when no one else is home. I have looked outside and have never caught anyone lurking about. I might be paranoid, but I won’t be stupid paranoid. I have plans on setting up motion sensing lights and booby traps once the snow melts.