Blah Dunkadunk


Sorry about the title, I am too tired to think of something. I don’t even know what blog post number this is.

I visited my older son and his fiancee a few days ago. I was walking around outside trying to take some pics. There is a slight hill in the back, it had too much snow on it. When I tried to turn to go back one foot was still caught in the snow. I was off balance just enough to dunk my camera with the lens open into the snow as I caught myself with my good arm. I did not fall, which was a miracle. I did get some splotchy pics after. Hopefully my camera is all dried out now.

I am supposed to go on a walk to learn about edible and medicinal wild plants, with “normal” people. I am trying not to let my anxiety stop me from going. It is snowing, so it will be extra uncomfortable for me. I do not even know if I can handle the trails in perfect weather conditions. It is at a state park I never have been before. Well i don’t know why I worry. I should be used to being “less abled” by now.

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