I don’t want to read another comment about buying steak and lobster on food stamps


Can we think of a better way to divide this country and waste our energy than making laws to ban something in the “land of the free”? What about former vets that get food stamps, will you make an exception to them? To those that already jumped on the welfare bashing bandwagon, what about real problems and real solutions, do you have something positive to add to society? What are the ideal foods to purchase with foodstamps that would make everyone happy?

Just to clarify the point I am trying to make, this angers me. I do not want to deal with the general public. It seems the majority would rather push their ideals of their perfect fucked up society that only serves themselves. Poor people pay taxes every time they purchase taxed goods like everyday items and gasoline. It is hard to claim that every cent paid to foodstamps comes from your personal hardworking dollar. Even if it did, does it give you the right to dictate what others eat. Let them eat cake, or ramen, vegan, caviar or steak. It is fucking America.

Just to be totally honest. I get a whole $16 a month in food stamps, for both me and my son. My son prefers ramen over steak. I do not eat mammals (like steak) or most seafood by choice. I however would be even angrier if someone told me which foods I could or could not buy. We all make our choices with our budget, as we should. We live in a free country.

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