Mud equals Funk?


We have had a few days of not too bad weather. I took my dog for her first walk through the forest in what seems like forever. That made her happy and tired. I took my son to the zoo. It was depressing to see how decrepit and foul smelling parts of it were. They have been trying to improve it for over a year. I don’t think they are improving the right things. I was so sad to see the elephants were not let out of their barn to roam. I actually saw one elephant lifting one leg then another off the hard concrete floor. They did not have rubber mats in there. I just recently saw on the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary Site that the leading cause of captive elephants death is foot problems caused by hard concrete floors. Another sad site was the lone lioness. Her mate died a few months ago. Many of the animals seemed to be a single animal.

I also took my son for our first ice cream of the season. Our local ice cream place is closed from October to April. I think that is strange because I like ice cream in any weather and not just when it is hot and sunny. I was just glad my son got out of the house.

There was big machine tearing up my lawn yesterday. I don’t mind them tearing up the grass and leaving big ruts. I just finished picking out the rocks they left last time they did that. I also am not looking forward to start mowing the lawn or getting my first letter from the town saying I do not mow it often enough. Right now everyones lawn is getting torn up. They are installing a sewer system instead of individual septic systems. They can not get it done soon enough. We had major rain here overnight and my yard is even more swampy, muddy, and flooded. Water does not get absorbed into this clay soil. It just sits there.

It is supposed to be nice again today. I hope to take my dog out to some place nice to run free. She will be happy. My son will be happy that I won’t be here on the computer. Everyone seems to be happy except me. I am trapped in my funk. I started a fire in my firepit. I could see everyone driving their motorcycles by on the main road. Most were couples. This is the second year in the row I wonder why I am sitting alone around the firepit. Last year I blamed it on my guy not wanting to do anything. This year I can tell it is just no one wants to do anything with me. If I die today, I die alone and unloved.

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