Trying to be normal


I went to a meetup at a state park and tried to keep up with the “normal” people. I was lucky the trail was flat, had stairs with a good rail, and everyone else was slow. I still lagged a little behind. I also had a hard time breathing after the stairs. I was sweating, even though it was cold out. I am out of shape. I wore my AFO which is probably a good thing. I did a few things out in my yard today with out it and almost fell a few times. I can not wait to go back and trying to walk some of the trails by myself with my camera…I forgot it yesterday so used my phone and only took one pic.

I cleaned up some of my small garden and yard. Most things are alive, finally after the long brutal winter. I do have some dead things too. My raspberry which I suspected was dead soon after planting it…I never learn not to buy a clearance plant from a place that is not a nursery. It looks like a rabbit ate the bark around one of my lilacs. My cheap rose I planted in a pot may be sending up shoots from the roots, but the main stem is dead. I did not get a tree for earth day…finances are too tight. I did plant some perennial flower seeds my mom gave me a year ago. Nothing I tried to start inside has sprouted yet though….so my plan is to hit the greenhouse soon after payday. It snowed just a few days ago, our safe planting day is usually mid may.

I have my lawn mower battery plugged in. It is a miracle the charger works after being out under the snow all year. It was left out by accident, since we usually charge the mower outside.