Amber Waves of Water


This pic is from along the shore of Tupper Lake, NY. I assume the color is from the minerals in the water. The spring Adirondack runoff.

It has finally been nice here in NY State, a week with temps above zero. When I plan my future snowbirding, I will not be coming back to NY until early May. I just put the snow shovel and rock salt away the other day. I have spent the past few days mowing, with my son’s help. We are still not finished. I only did a little today. I had to get groceries and stop at the greenhouse to get my planters planted. I think I have all my planters cleaned up now. The sun has left its mark on my face, I must remember sunscreen. I bought coleus for the front which is the northside of my house. I bought my purple petunias for my hanging planter tradition. For my bucket garden I bought 6 roma tomatoes and 6 green peppers. For my raised beds I bought 4 zuchinni and 4 summer squash. None of the things I started inside have sprouted, so I am going to try to plant a few of the beans and pumpkins directly outside. I am hoping to keep it simple, I do want to plant cucumber and kale, but I will wait until I am done planting what I have. I also need marigolds to plant around my bucket gardens.