Everyday is Mother’s Day


It should be Mother’s Day everyday. I wish my two brothers would visit my mother more often. I try to email or message my mother at least every other day and call once a week. Sometimes I get forgetful and it becomes almost two weeks. I visited her the week before Mother’s Day. I also got to see my daughter and granddaughter the same weekend. We took a few 4 generation pics which I may never get to see since my camera was not used. I did get a few shots of my beautiful granddaughter. She is 1 1/2 years old now. That is her in the pic. She is my Amazon (not online or River but mythical strong women) warrior princess that likes rocks like me.

It has been a great month so far. The weather was clear here for almost two weeks. Until the Mother’s Day deluge. It rained the next day and another deluge at night that was so loud I thought it was hail. It was just oceans of rain dropping all at once. It has cooled off which I both like for working outside. I dislike because I am still running my furnace to keep my old dog toasty warm. I admit my feet were a bit cold when I turned the heat back on. It is supposed to get colder tonight. I am hoping it will not stunt my garden I have planted so far.

This years veggie garden planted so far is 4 zucchini, 4 yellow summer squash, 6 plum tomatoes, 6 green peppers. I have one small raised bed that is still empty. I had prickers growing in my raised beds and could not find my garden gloves. I got pricked on the edge of my hand several times. It felt like bee stings. I also had the fragrant purple flowered mint smelling plants that grow wild in my lawn starting to take over my raised beds. I had to pull them out, but I left some on the edges, because I love that stuff. So did the bumble bee that was making a lot of noise as he was gathering nectar. I wish my whole lawn could be this and dandelions and anything but grass that needs to be mowed. I am slowly working on turning my quarter acre of chores into perennials, edibles, wildflowers, etc. It is taking me too long. I hope to keep working at it this year. I bought a rose bush to plant in front of my bedroom window that opens. That will take some digging, which is not my forte.