I made it out of the house last weekend


I went to the bar/steakhouse two blocks from my house. I met up there with a woman that was in my former meetup group. It was the one I used to be the organizer of, but few people ever show up to meetup groups in my area. So now the few that used to show up, just call, text or email to plan where to go next.

The band was very good for a cover band. Some of their music sounded as good or better than the original artists. They did a few oldies, and some newer hits like Uptown Funk. They only played a few country songs, and I do not know or care to know about country.

My bar drink of choice is now hard cider. I have tried three different brands and can stomach them all. They have a low alcohol content, so I won’t pass out from one drink. I also like the fact I can drink it out of the bottle so it is easier to nurse for a few hours.

It is nice to have options to get away from my house. The stress and problems of home ownership are overwhelming to me. Sometimes it is thinking about the lack of money, but other times it is thinking I have no “partner” to help me out. I like to be independent, but I really miss knocking around my ideas with others in the same mindset. Right now I do not know anyone with the same mindset as me.

This “holiday” weekend I will be staying home most of the time. I might splurge on gas to go sit at the auction tomorrow. I might attempt to have a mini yard sale, or at least make a 4 sale sign for the bike I have been trying to sell on craigslist. The bike has been parked in my front lawn without a sign. I have had several people inquire about my ad but no follow through.