Garden Frosted and Almost Wiped Out


All of my squash, all my tomato and all but three of my pepper plants got too cold and died last night. I did not heed the warnings, but it was supposed to be warmer than the night they did well a few days ago. At first I was going to not even try again. I eventually watered the dead ones in hope the roots will send new shoots up. I also planted some new seeds of other veggies. Something needs to thrive around here. An animal dug up my newly planted pea seeds last night. I began by replanting them. They are in a bucket, I also had another bucket of them that was not touched. I weeded and added some more soil to my yet untouched part of the raised bed. I planted corn and green beans there. I am calling it two sisters vs the Native American three sisters. In the dead squash beds I added corn to the middle. I had planned on doing this anyway. On one corner I planted my two cucumber seeds. They were the last two I had left. I have enough compost to fill another bucket. I hope to do that tomorrow, then plant some bunching onions. Next payday I will get more compost and plant some buckets of carrots, lettuces, and chives. I still need to plant my rose bushes in the ground and I might as well do a full on planting bed. I have irises and some other perennials to add to it, as well as transplanting my daffodils that need more sun and my tulips that are now in a pot.

I came inside to take a break and will spend the rest of the daylight today watering and clearing the cut grass from the back of my house. I hope the snakes have gone in for the night. Tomorrow I will start digging. I also will work on reducing my brush pile that has been there for years.