Hot and Lazy Saturday



I am hoping the severe afternoon thunderstorms predicted for later today waters my garden without trampling it. I worked more in my perennial garden last night transplanting what I hope are Japanese irises that I have had in a pot since I moved to this place. Yes, I love long run on sentences…lol. Anyhow, I was attacked by mosquitos last night and almost gave up, but I just sprayed enough bug spray to kill myself and kept going. I weeded a bit more then added more compost. I was going to also transfer some more perennials from a pot, but I am still debating on whether this small bed will be overcrowded soon. I hope everything already in place thrives and spreads.

While I let my dog out this morning, I checked on my peas planted in buckets. They are starting to sprout! I hope to add another pallet to my veggie garden area and move them onto that. I now have at least two more buckets already that I want to plant seeds in. I have to wait until payday to buy more compost. I used the remaining compost on my newly planted rose bush that is budded and hopefully flowers soon. I also got my hanging basket ready with my cut up tee shirt instead of buying the coconut mat. I saved a few dollars, but I am thinking that the tee-shirt material is too flimsy. It now has the lumpy saggy look after adding the compost. I will probably have to add twigs to hold it in better. I still have to buy the petunias to plant in it before I hang it back up.

So since I did almost all I can outside without buying more supplies, I need to work on cleaning the inside of my house today. So far I washed a few dishes, not even all of them. Two goals for me today are getting my son to move the big old TV from the living room into his room and me cleaning and organizing my bedroom. The big tv is used for his video games only. I will be putting my printer in its place, since my desk will hopefully get moved next to it before this weekend is over.