Dark Day


A dark pic of Ashley, taken a few weeks ago. Those white eyebrows and muzzle are from old age. She got into the garbage last night, so she is itchy today. Scratching the fur off her ears.

I walked out to get some garbage bags out of my car. I had a flat tire. I decided I needed to fill it with air and have a pro look at it, since I already filled it with air last week. Later today, I walked out to the car to go to the store. I totally forgot about the flat tire. It was a good thing I noticed it again.

I made the guy I see once in awhile feel bad today. He had said we might get together Saturday, and that he was looking forward to it. Saturday afternoon came around and still no message from him. This gave me all kinds of bad thoughts which I messaged a few to him this morning.

I feel like the only one in the world denied happiness.

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