Cleaning and Resting, All In A Day


I tried to get my kitchen 100% clean. i washed all the dishes. Windexed the counter, stove and front of fridge. I cleared off the table, first time in about a week. I had my son take the recyclables out. I left the floor mopping for later today. It is night now, the floor was put off until tomorrow. Everything I did was between breaks watching Netflix. I also watered the garden a little since it is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow.

I took Ash for a walk in the woods at the state park. She only ran once and I did not go in as far. I thought I heard voices and saw poison ivy and I think a tick on my sneak. We took a short ride through some back roads were I got this pic from a scary one way bridge. I then drove by a small historic lighthouse and took a pic of the water. My pics were all blurry again today. I will have to check the camera setting.

Happy Birthday Dad, Are You In Cyberspace?


If you can not tell, I am not a pro photographer. I took two pics of this rose, both are blurry. The label on this when I bought it said solid pink color. At this point I am just glad it is alive. It is a bonus it bloomed already too.

I miss my Dad. He passed away in 2006, he was 79 at the time. I realized last night while I was journaling the date.

I started handwriting a journal a few days ago. I already missed a day and tried to fill it in the next day. I have been very down, mostly due to my personal life or lack of it. I can not blame all my problems on the stroke, some I have had way before I had my stroke. So if you are reading this Dad, maybe you can give me some advice.

I shared this tidbit on the stroke survivors exercise group: I played two 9 station rounds of disc golf yesterday with “normal” people…I was the worst player overall, but I kept up most of the time…the others were people I never met from a meetup group. I literally almost pulled over and cried on the way driving there from anxiety…but I made it. I am so glad I wore my AFO as there were heavy roots and some uneven ground. I have not worn my AFO in weeks, but you gotta do what you have to if you want to stay upright. Surprisingly, no one asked why I was hobbling, as I was exhausted by the end.

I am tired of going everywhere alone, but I have been doing that way before my stroke as well. I won’t give all the details of my extra heartbreak this week. One little bit of advice is probably not to say mean things in writing. They are hard to take back or apologize for afterwards. If they were verbally spoken, I might have got my point across better.