Cleaning and Resting, All In A Day


I tried to get my kitchen 100% clean. i washed all the dishes. Windexed the counter, stove and front of fridge. I cleared off the table, first time in about a week. I had my son take the recyclables out. I left the floor mopping for later today. It is night now, the floor was put off until tomorrow. Everything I did was between breaks watching Netflix. I also watered the garden a little since it is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow.

I took Ash for a walk in the woods at the state park. She only ran once and I did not go in as far. I thought I heard voices and saw poison ivy and I think a tick on my sneak. We took a short ride through some back roads were I got this pic from a scary one way bridge. I then drove by a small historic lighthouse and took a pic of the water. My pics were all blurry again today. I will have to check the camera setting.

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