National Best Friend Day


My best friend today was my dog Ashley. She cuddled with me while I cried my eyes out. I then cuddled with her later as it was thundering making her nervous. She does not like loud sounds.

In years past my best friend has been my daughter and or my Mom. Both prefer their contemporaries as confidant, which is rightly so. I had some best friends for a year or two in my late teens. I don’t have any long term best friends. I am not the best communicator. I guess no one appreciates my bluntness either.

I guess it is another goal I should shoot for. Today, I just tried to clean my house more. I have a long way to go before it is finished.

Fumbled Wasteland


This is the bottom of my desk drawer that formerly housed my meds for the last three years. It was cleaned out at least once before. None of these are narcotics. This is only a small percentage that spills though. These are just the ones that got away, nestled too deep into the makeup and paperwork clutter to find. I have taken many meds off the floor too, using the three second rule. It takes much longer than three seconds post stroke however.

I only cleaned out one drawer out of 5. The rest I moved with all the contents inside. I now have one totally cleaned out desk drawer. I have a couple bags of things to take to goodwill. I hope I remember to do so after my doctor appointment tomorrow.