Beautiful Skies


Sunny, hot, lots of new scenery make for a tiring long 9 hour road trip. It was less stressful and scenic than the thruway, with the bonus of no tolls to pay. I should have stuck with my original plan to spend the night halfway back. It took me over a day to recover after I got home.

I am supposed to be cleaning and painting this week. My cleaning got a late start. I just started and I am taking a break already. I figured out how to empty the new to me vacuum canister. It emptied onto my kitchen floor. After I clean for a little while, I am going to water my garden. My rudbeckia are blooming! I am supposed to go meet a few ladies out for a party on the terrace at the casino bar later. Tomorrow is another party on the patio at a different bar on the lake. That one will be with a totally new set of people, so it will be overwhelming.

I am trying extra hard to meet new people and make friends. It is not easy, and has never been easy for me.

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