One Tired Beaver


I love scenic roadside kitsch. This beaver was originally sculpted out of wire and filled with hay, years ago. It was then covered by cement during one of its renos. After vandals took off the head it was repaired and moved behind the fence. Beaver was the original owners family name and business name. I don’t know who owns it now, but the business is for sale.

I went out two nights in a row. Both were party on the patio events with music. Last night was a live band on a pretty venue by the lake. I met a dance instructor that talked me into getting up to dance. So I got up and danced, and was one of the few that danced to the end. As always there were mostly couples there. Even in the singles meetup group there were three couples. I did not meet any new “guys”, but at least I did not sit home alone again. My body hurts today. It has been sore since I broke another shower chair and smacked my head against the shower wall. Tonight I am going to take it easy, but go to the auction so I won’t be sitting home alone again. I am going to make more of an effort to talk to people.

Tomorrow, I am going to volunteer to help with a dog adoption advent. It will be 5 hours, hopefully there will be many people there helping. I hope to sit down at least half of the time too. There will be some dog walking, giving out info, and craft sales.

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