If I Won The Lottery


I would still write my blog! Would I still be depressed? Maybe….Would I buy myself a whole lot of PT? Hell ya, a personal trainer and a heated pool…so maybe then I would be so busy and feeling good, I would no longer get into my really down moods. I would also move out of this swampy, flooded house into something on higher ground with a view. I would hire a full time housekeeper/cook. I would be the princess I deserve to be.

It’s raining here again. I am waiting for a bit of sun to take pics of ebay items I need to list. I should have worked on this the last few weeks. It is so hard to describe the mental blocks I feel to getting anything done. I need to go to the laundrymat later today, so I have some clean jeans to wear out to trivia night tomorrow. I hope I can find a few more quarters or I might be drying my jeans with a hairdryer.

My hopes of getting my bathroom painted on this break from my son are disappearing. With all this rain, my yard is flooded, my utility room is flooded, my drain is not draining so sewer gas comes up through my drains. I try not to let this by bother me by keeping the bathroom door shut. I am hoping the town finishes their sewer project soon. That should eliminate most of my household problems. I will be able to do laundry at my house afterwards. There should be no more bad smells. I will be able to redirect the flooded yard with french drains to prevent my house flooding once the sewer is operational.

I need to keep busy to quiet the conversations in my mind. I have been working really hard not to have so much alone time in my life. Not having a job to go to, not having family nearby, and having so few friends leaves it up to me to keep myself sane. Even my dog has been too sleepy to entertain me. (ha, ha)