Patriotic Eye Candy


Pic taken in Newport, RI on 4th of July 2015. Newport is a great place to walk around. I hope to go back some less crowded day to tour the mansions and other streets. We had a cool less crowded view of the fireworks over the bay. I love watching the water after sunset. There were some yachts of varying sizes and music from a nearby bar.

I spent a few days with the smartest cutest girl in the world. She just happens to be my granddaughter. She loves books and is super curious. She quizzed me on letters, taking the time to be random. She repeated Ashley over and over. She handed her a toy bone, petted her gently, and tried not to step on her. Ash was chill, even though I could tell she was not thrilled to give up her reign as the center of attention.

I have a ton of housecleaning to do. I also want to go out once or twice this week. I am still working hard on meeting new people.