Summertime Fun


Pic from a state park in RI.

It has been raining so much here. Last nights party on the patio was moved to inside. That alone took out part of the magic. I was not walking very fluently, so I danced even worse than normal. People did not show up, everyone else wanted to leave early. I was bummed, but left early too, since I did not want to sit or dance alone. Driving home in the light rain I saw a kitty walking along the road. I turned around at the next road to go back and look for it. Many cars went by, but it was still walking only on the opposite side. I pulled up, it stopped and stared at my car. When I got out it ran into the woods. I could not see it, so I meowed. Called kitty, etc. Nothing. I might go back and look this evening, but I am scared it will be road kill. I am just assuming it will jump into my car. I guess I should buy a can of food to entice it.

I have my choice of events to go to tonight, but my body is tired and achy. I decided not to go to the auction. There is a guest astronomer at a state park, I want to go there.