I found a 4-leaf clover


This pic is berry bushes found on my trip to Mass.

I went to a stargazing meetup last night. First fail was that it was not just a meetup, but advertised in a facebook group, advertised in a local paper and who knows where else. It was inundated with noisy children. I like kids, but too many together the noise is overwhelming. So, I sat in my chair and waited for the speakers and for dark to see some stars. This is when I found the four leaf clover. I admit, I only thought of looking when I saw the girl ahead of me looking. I looked down and it was one of the first things I looked at. It was scraggly, either bug eaten or worn by stomping. I double checked it had four leaves. I put it in my chair cup holder. I am not sure if it is still there.

Anyhow, I saw Jupiter through a high powered telescope. It looked like a crescent of the moon. I did not stay longer, too many mosquitos were attacking. I had even sprayed bug spray as I got out of my vehicle. I did meet one other person who happened to be a women from my small hometown. Her father was my English teacher. We compared notes of common people we knew.

I drove home and decided to look for the kitty by the road again. I did not see it. There was a road kill kitty, but that was several miles away from where I spotted the one the night before. There are several cats being given away on craigslist and facebook. I almost wrote to one, but decided my home is not ready yet. I would need to get rid of all the mice poison I have around first. I also do not have a litter box or other cat related items.

I am so tired, both mentally and physically. I am unorganized in both thoughts and my household mess. I need to work on ebay sales. I am going out tonight, that takes a toll mentally and physically. I have a hard time meeting people in person. I might go back to online dating. Of course I am going to think and rethink everything until I am crazy.