Yesterday I Was Popular


This pic is a shop window in Albany, NY on scenic Route 20.

So a day after adding my pics to plenty of fish I had a few messages. One guy even wants me to send him real handwritten letters. I am naive, but not stupid enough to give my home address to strangers. I also gained a facebook friend from a fellow stroke survivor. So we chatted for awhile last night. It only takes a little attention to make me happy.

I was feeling sore and tired yesterday from dancing the night before. I also consumed three bottles of hard cider Saturday night. That left me with heartburn so bad I thought my throat was going to explode. It was so bad I decided not to add my meds to the mix that night. I learned my lesson, back to one drink per night if that.

I have my book club meeting tonight. Today and tomorrow I hope to work on my ebay sales. I need to save up for my sons boots and leather jacket he wants. He will need the boots in the beginning of September. I try to keep in touch with fellow ebayers. I am trying to be a better friend. Thursday I am going to an evening walk around a lake at a state park. Sunday I am spending at a beach day with a singles meetup group. It will be mostly women there, but swimming with people nearby is better than sulking at home.

My town is going to be hooking up my house to the new public sewer in the next few days. I hope it all works like it is supposed to. So within a few weeks they will also be tearing up my yard to fill in my old septic tank. It will be interesting to see where the new rainwater ends up in my yard.

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