My Pic Update…just a day or so ago


As part of my vows to not let fear get in my way, I am posting a recent pic of myself. A couple people on facebook asked to see my eyes since I wear sunglasses in most pics of me. The former me hated pics of myself, I still do. I want this blog to be honest and be a true record for me to look back on. I will turn 52 years old next month…in American time I will be 32…lol.

I have been feeling better the last few days. Mostly because I have had some people talk to me. Lucy, my friend for a couple years now that used to be in my old meetup group took me to a church festival. I ate a sausage sandwhich and one of three sodas for the night. I was awake all night. I know better than caffeine does that. On a happy note, they took out the artificial color in the Aldi’s Mt Dew knock off. My soda was clear. We left early because it was too hot even in the shade. We went to her house to talk. She showed me pics of her new place soon to be in NC. She also showed ones of her family and friends, plus her recanting some tales from her past made it midnight before either one of us noticed. I thought it was about 9:30PM. So my poor dog was not happy, but I stayed home with her today.