Sweet Peas


My snack, third and most productive gathering. I am not sure if they are dying off, time will tell.

I will make my goal of not going to the store or anywhere except to the post office until Wednesday. Tomorrow I will need to buy Ash food and I am going to trivia night. I hope I get enough work done around the house tonight and tomorrow to deserve it.

So far today, I watered the garden. Washed one load of clothes. Put a pole up and put cucumber vines up on it. Picked up the pieces of my broken clay pot. Cleaned up several disaster piles around the house. Looked helplessly for my lost food stamp card. Listed some arcade cards on Ebay. Called my sons. Messaged my mother. Got attacked by a rambunctious dog, meaning she threw her body weight on my while I was lying down. Thankfully she has been her usual calm and sleepy self the rest of the day.

Speaking of arcade cards, here is a poem circa 1948 that was on one:

“Good Seat, Eh Wot?”

“I’m thankful that the sun and moon,
are both hung up so high,
That no pretentious hand can stretch,
and pull them from the sky;
But if they were not I’d have no doubt,
that some reforming ass,
would recommend we take them down,
and light the world with gas.”

BTW, arcade cards were like a thin cardboard postcard prize you won at an arcade, you collected and traded them. They had pin-ups, comics, movies stars, western themes, etc.