Stars Day Or Night


The stars do not come out at night, they are there all along. The sun does not set, the earth spins to give a different perspective of its brightness. I had a stroke and have been shining inside all along. My thoughts are the same, yet everything is more urgent now. It might have nothing to do with the stroke. It might just be I realize how much I let others drag me down. It is not just people I know, I feel burdened by others pain, others choices. I am trying to shut out the outside world now, but still participate in it so I can see my light shining inside.

All I have done today was make dinner, weed and water my garden, and drive to the pharmacy. I also worked a little bit on Ebay, and that will be what I spend the rest of the evening on. I am also reading my book club book. It is Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, interestingly not very far into the book he seems hypocritical like me. I am curious to see how it pans out. I know it will not change the way I eat. I pretty much think I have that down, unless I can someday afford my own personal chef.

Driving home from the pharmacy I was thinking I should have taken my dog for a run and me for a walk. I have said this a million times before, I need to walk everyday. If I remember, tomorrow might be the day I start.