Todays Beautiful Day Is Interrupted By Chores Indoors


I am finally changing my nasty shower curtain all by myself. It is very hard to get these cheap plastic rings off. I finally have them off and back onto the new curtain that is mostly still folded up. I am taking a break before I attempt to put the bar back with the curtain on it one handed. My left arm shakes too much if I lift it over my head. I have to settle for sometimes opening a door or turning off a light switch.

After the big shower curtain change, I hope to have the ambition to clean out the tub. I also want to clean out the whole bathroom because I might get a new to me cat tomorrow. Stay tuned until Caturday. I need to move my two cabinets out of the bathroom to make way for the litter box.

I did go out this morning. I took a package to the mailbox, then sat on the front porch while my dog did her morning business. I tried to go back to sleep because I felt dizzy and brain dead. I was all comfy when my lawncare people showed up. I have been awake ever since. I managed to eat leftovers from yesterday, but no shower yet. I listed a few things on Ebay, and might do a few more. I then hope to take a bath if I get my tub all scrubbed out.

It is all good. I can not stay outdoors long anyway, I will sunburn.