Where The Buffalo Roam


Only where humans tell them to….duh. There is no where to hide, no piece of land to hide away from the rest of the world and start a new heard of wild buffalo. There are not many places for humans to hide either, yet we can hide in plain sight if we try.

I went to trivia night tonight. I am probably the worst trivia player. I met new people, and observed how outgoing and upbeat they are. I am just the opposite, not because I want to be.

My new cat Luna came out of the bedroom last night. She marched right down the hall and started exploring the rest of the house like she was never scared. By morning she was back to sleeping inside the cabinet in the closet and staying to the bedroom. She might be scared of my dog. The dog has eaten her food twice. I make sure her bowl is filled though at all times. She feels too thin to me under all her fluffy fur.