Well Built


In days past, in my opinion, buildings were built with more pride of craftsmanship at all levels. It did not end at buildings. The beginning of the industrial age had many cool business’ that produced anything anyone could want. Then corporate greed somehow took over. Everyone practically has been trying to either screw someone out of profit so there will be more for themselves or try to get by without getting screwed from above. Civilization gets further from chaos as less and less of the basics of logic and needs are ignored. Buying goods can be a crapshoot, if you don’t do extensive research ahead of time.

My mind is in chaos thinking about things I should not have to think about. It should be easy and natural to meet my soulmate, right? Friends should be abundant and stick together. Everything I was ever taught or read for myself about humanity has not been turning out to be true. People are quick to turn on each other. People are quick to make judgements, jump to conclusions, manipulate, control, obsess, and hold useless grudges. I need to make space in my head for the positive. My positive thoughts need to fill that space. That will hopefully attract positive people. If not positive people, at least someone not so far out from what I consider normal. Does anyone just like to chill anymore?