Green Leaf


Took this pic near Boston.

I slept in this morning, not on purpose. I guess I needed more sleep. My son wound up in urgent care. I hope he gets better. He was given an anti-inflammatory for his lungs.

I feel like a grasshopper…I am eating all the peas I picked for a snack. I don’t know if grasshoppers eat peas, but that is what came to my mind.


My Pic Update…just a day or so ago


As part of my vows to not let fear get in my way, I am posting a recent pic of myself. A couple people on facebook asked to see my eyes since I wear sunglasses in most pics of me. The former me hated pics of myself, I still do. I want this blog to be honest and be a true record for me to look back on. I will turn 52 years old next month…in American time I will be 32…lol.

I have been feeling better the last few days. Mostly because I have had some people talk to me. Lucy, my friend for a couple years now that used to be in my old meetup group took me to a church festival. I ate a sausage sandwhich and one of three sodas for the night. I was awake all night. I know better than caffeine does that. On a happy note, they took out the artificial color in the Aldi’s Mt Dew knock off. My soda was clear. We left early because it was too hot even in the shade. We went to her house to talk. She showed me pics of her new place soon to be in NC. She also showed ones of her family and friends, plus her recanting some tales from her past made it midnight before either one of us noticed. I thought it was about 9:30PM. So my poor dog was not happy, but I stayed home with her today.

Sunny Disposition


My favorite new addition to my garden this year. Free Rudbeckia aka black-eyed susan, perennial geranium a sprinkle of orange marigolds and purple flowers of the perennial geranium and swamp weed (don’t know official name), plus sedum, unknown bush, and spent tulips. Guarded by an owl, to hopefully scare away mice and snakes, that sits on an overturned washtub.

Mermaid Out Of Water


If I was a mermaid where would I be in life. Sitting on the rocks on the warm coast before I glide under the water. My tail fins have disappeared, but I can still dive under. Kelp in my hair, seaweed snarls down under.

I feel very blah today, I am going to cancel my walk around the lake. I need to water my garden, it is supposed to not rain for over a day.

I did two loads of laundry yesterday, at my own house instead of the laundrymat. The downside is they are hanging in my hallway to dry.

Too Cute


My granddaughter is full of personality and spunk. She loves to read. I was floored when she was quizzing me on letters she was pointing too. She made them random, trying to trip me up. Fortunately, I can handle all 26 letters still.

She is too cute, and too smart just like her mom. They outshine me on my best day. I am not saying that to put myself down. They lift me up. I can not wait to meet my son’s wee one due in December. I am sure he or she will be just as adorable.

I have been busy chatting with plenty of fish potentials, and one guy from the stroke facebook group. I will be taking a evening walk tomorrow with a meetup group, if the weather cooperates.

Yesterday I Was Popular


This pic is a shop window in Albany, NY on scenic Route 20.

So a day after adding my pics to plenty of fish I had a few messages. One guy even wants me to send him real handwritten letters. I am naive, but not stupid enough to give my home address to strangers. I also gained a facebook friend from a fellow stroke survivor. So we chatted for awhile last night. It only takes a little attention to make me happy.

I was feeling sore and tired yesterday from dancing the night before. I also consumed three bottles of hard cider Saturday night. That left me with heartburn so bad I thought my throat was going to explode. It was so bad I decided not to add my meds to the mix that night. I learned my lesson, back to one drink per night if that.

I have my book club meeting tonight. Today and tomorrow I hope to work on my ebay sales. I need to save up for my sons boots and leather jacket he wants. He will need the boots in the beginning of September. I try to keep in touch with fellow ebayers. I am trying to be a better friend. Thursday I am going to an evening walk around a lake at a state park. Sunday I am spending at a beach day with a singles meetup group. It will be mostly women there, but swimming with people nearby is better than sulking at home.

My town is going to be hooking up my house to the new public sewer in the next few days. I hope it all works like it is supposed to. So within a few weeks they will also be tearing up my yard to fill in my old septic tank. It will be interesting to see where the new rainwater ends up in my yard.

I found a 4-leaf clover


This pic is berry bushes found on my trip to Mass.

I went to a stargazing meetup last night. First fail was that it was not just a meetup, but advertised in a facebook group, advertised in a local paper and who knows where else. It was inundated with noisy children. I like kids, but too many together the noise is overwhelming. So, I sat in my chair and waited for the speakers and for dark to see some stars. This is when I found the four leaf clover. I admit, I only thought of looking when I saw the girl ahead of me looking. I looked down and it was one of the first things I looked at. It was scraggly, either bug eaten or worn by stomping. I double checked it had four leaves. I put it in my chair cup holder. I am not sure if it is still there.

Anyhow, I saw Jupiter through a high powered telescope. It looked like a crescent of the moon. I did not stay longer, too many mosquitos were attacking. I had even sprayed bug spray as I got out of my vehicle. I did meet one other person who happened to be a women from my small hometown. Her father was my English teacher. We compared notes of common people we knew.

I drove home and decided to look for the kitty by the road again. I did not see it. There was a road kill kitty, but that was several miles away from where I spotted the one the night before. There are several cats being given away on craigslist and facebook. I almost wrote to one, but decided my home is not ready yet. I would need to get rid of all the mice poison I have around first. I also do not have a litter box or other cat related items.

I am so tired, both mentally and physically. I am unorganized in both thoughts and my household mess. I need to work on ebay sales. I am going out tonight, that takes a toll mentally and physically. I have a hard time meeting people in person. I might go back to online dating. Of course I am going to think and rethink everything until I am crazy.

Summertime Fun


Pic from a state park in RI.

It has been raining so much here. Last nights party on the patio was moved to inside. That alone took out part of the magic. I was not walking very fluently, so I danced even worse than normal. People did not show up, everyone else wanted to leave early. I was bummed, but left early too, since I did not want to sit or dance alone. Driving home in the light rain I saw a kitty walking along the road. I turned around at the next road to go back and look for it. Many cars went by, but it was still walking only on the opposite side. I pulled up, it stopped and stared at my car. When I got out it ran into the woods. I could not see it, so I meowed. Called kitty, etc. Nothing. I might go back and look this evening, but I am scared it will be road kill. I am just assuming it will jump into my car. I guess I should buy a can of food to entice it.

I have my choice of events to go to tonight, but my body is tired and achy. I decided not to go to the auction. There is a guest astronomer at a state park, I want to go there.



Too much or not enough. Too tired, too chipped, don’t care. I took over 200 pics on the weekend, this is in my favorite top 10. I am not counting the pics of my granddaughter in the top 10, because she is obviously tops of any pics.

My house is tired, but I am feeling even more tired. I need to clean up many things. I need to work on my ebay sales. I need to give the dog a bath and clean out my car. I might not do any of the above. My body is tired, my brain is tired. It is raining out again. I am tired of the rain and soggy yard.

It is hard work meeting new people


I think meeting people should be easy, and it is. Having new people care enough to stay in touch is the hard part. Sometimes I blame the stroke for causing my lack of friends. In reality, I always had trouble having close friends. I have been trying to find a soulmate for most of my adult life now. Where the fuck is he? I am not getting any younger, just lonelier and lonelier.

I have had sticks in my firepit for months now. It mostly has been too wet to burn. I would like friends to come over and sit around the fire with me. Last year my ex said he would….but, he never did. Now when I sit out there I can feel doubly bad. While I am out there I can see and hear all the motorcycles go by. That makes me think of the time the ex said he would come pick me up for a motorcycle ride. That never happened either. What ever happened to only saying things if you mean it. Am I the only one that is naive enough to wait hoping things guys say they will do happen? I wasted over 25 of my best years waiting for two other exes to live up to their talk too. Of course when history keeps repeating itself, shame on me for not learning my lesson.