A Quote From My Current Read


Pic of some Petunias and Marigolds…bright color, low maintenance.

I am reading this book for my book club, Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. These two lines I love:
“No one fired a pistol to mark the start of the race to the bottom. The earth just tilted and everyone slid into the hole.”

Post stroke, I feel like I was the only one trying to warn others about sliding into the hole. My feedback, as I understand it, is they are happy at the bottom. I am crazy for scratching and clinging and refusing to slide back. I have resolved to continue on my own, let others fend for themselves, bite my tongue instead of saying “I told you so”.

Of course it was not my stroke that made no one listen and understand me. It has always been that way. I am just now realizing it.

On a totally different note. I am going to the beach tomorrow. I am so excited to have a road trip, swim, meet new people maybe all on the same day. I am not looking forward to carrying my cooler, camp chair and bag of other stuff in multiple trips with bad gait and spastic clenched arm. It will not be a good first impression. I am hopeful the few people I do know will show up.