I have changed the blog format, which is noticeable, but I also updated my About page. I am still the same person, just slightly improved physically. A few calendar years went by in a blink of an eye, so my new about rings truer. For example, the old one said I had a 12 year old son. My “baby” is now a man sized, almost ready to drive teenager. He has started his own youtube channel, it is a gaming channel.

This still continues to be a mostly personal journal type blog. It is both my outlet from boredom, an additional source for me to read (other’s blogs), and a timeline I can look back on someday to see how I have progressed. I mean progressed in all areas: as a stroke survivor, a person (socially), artistically (or not), and in reaching my life goals. Notice, I did not say financially because I still believe in following my passion and the means will follow. My search for my passion or superpower continues….so money please stay tuned and follow along.