I was always a little wild, untamed. That does not mean I was ever loud and obnoxious. The wildest thing about me right now is probably my hair, followed closely by my fingernails. Both of these are a result from lack of steady grooming. I lost my ability post stroke. I just bought myself new hair ties today. I will attempt to make a ponytail until it becomes easy for me. I can come out my hair always could because I can use my dominant hand. I can not trim my own hair between haircuts. I have not been able to put my hair up yet.

I went to trivia night tonight. Always guaranteed to have a few laughs. I met two new people. They were both women. Big sigh. Where do all the single guys hide out? Tomorrow I am going to go to another party on the patio. It is supposed to be nice out. Right now, I don’t have a clue what I am going to wear.