Meet Luna


This is a bad angle of her, she is so much prettier when you see her neck tufts and full tale, and no glare from the flash.

I did not name her. I would have named her sparkles or emerald. I think she is part Norwegian from the pictures I saw online. Her previous owner said Russian, but I could not find Russian breeds that looked like her. She has tufts on her feet too. This is the first cat I have ever seen with tufted feet. It is cute, but it drags the litter out of the box.

Luna does this neat thing I call fist bumping. I make a fist, Luna bumps it with her head. She seems to enjoy it and does it over and over. When she first did it I was not expecting it and laughed. My bad arm was dangling and my hand was naturally curled up. She came right over to bump. A cat person told me that is her way of saying hello. She says it very loudly.

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