Out of Focus


My pics are more like this now. I can blame my camera setting, my poor eyesight or my shaky hand. It is most likely a combination of all three.

I woke up twice today which is typical. The first an early morning pee stumble and sway to the bathroom. I am lucky my walls hold me up when I grab for them. This is followed by letting the dog out. It was cold this morning as I sat barefoot on the porch. We both came back in and she followed me back to bed. I had some crazy dreams. I tried to think of what I ate the night before, so I could dream more often. It was brussel sprouts. It could have been the chocolate pie with whip cream I had at the auction. I don’t have either in my house. The package of brussel sprouts is a single serving for me, and snack for Ashley because she goes crazy and begs for them. Another reason she is perfect for me, she is a fruit and veggie loving dog.

I have been puttering for a few hours since my second awakening. I still feel out of focus. I bought too much stuff at the auction. I should have just sat there and bought nothing except the piece of chocolate pie. I have so much to clean up today. Dishes to wash, vacuuming, laundry, and watering my garden. I should go to the store as I am out of bread, soup and cheese but I have not even showered yet. I want to make veggie burgers, but would like some cheese and bread or rolls to eat them on. I also need some food in the house my son will eat, he will be back Monday.