Enjoying Summer


Since I have been going to so many (for me) meetup group events lately, I can not find time to clean. Cleaning and organizing have never been my favorite thing. It is true, if I did not drag home anything from the auction, the only thing I would have to organize is my junk mail. I can not seem to just toss it into the recycling bin as soon as I come in the door. I bought a new shower chair, since my broken one was becoming more of a hazard to me than a safety feature. Now, what am I supposed to do with the spare parts?

My birthday is this Friday. My only plans originally were to take my son out for ice cream. Now we are going to a baseball game as well. Followed by another beach day, I will only have less than one day to recover until my granddaughter will be here. She will point out everything I missed while cleaning. She will also alert me to all the hazards in my home

I also need to clean my car out. I am supposed to pick up my friend from the airport Thursday. I have nose prints on every window. The car seats are muddied from dog prints. Usually my car stinks too. I use my car like a truck, to haul garbage to the recycling center and to haul straw (not yet but soon).

My neck hurt the worst before going to sleep last night. It feels almost 100% better this morning. I guess I should get back to doing daily shoulder shrugs and other post stroke exercises

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