I Love America


I love American kitsch. A normal gas station with a fun sign in rural NY State.

There is beautiful sights and land everywhere. There is also beauty in urban decay. Architecture both modern and pre-colonial that stands the test of time is beauty to me. I also like nature, clouds, sunshine, green growth, water, landscapes, animals, and the list goes on. It is a great thing to be alive and be grateful for all we can see and do. I am grateful to be a free independent woman living in America.

It was my birthday the other day. I am so happy to be alive everyday. It can be a good day or bad day, but it is a day! I spent the day with my granddaughter, I get to enjoy her playing in my rain bucket and her terrible two temper tantrums (even though she is not quite two yet). I took my son to a baseball game. I had another wonderful beach day. I did get knocked over and almost drowned by the big waves. I had to ask a stranger I was knocked into to help walk me back onto shore. I had a hard time balancing with the wave and undertow energy. It was extremely hard for me to stand upright even between waves.

It is still the weekend but today will be filled with cleaning and trying to get rid of some free stuff through craigslist. It is nice out again. I love summer. I have had several white butterflies in my yard, and I saw one yellow one. Next year I hope to have some milkweed and other butterfly attracting plants and water feature.