Stop In For Some Grub


I love these few places still hanging out from the recent past. I did not go inside this diner, yet. I wish there was one closer to me that was open 24/7.

I reverted to my snarky self on plenty of fish. A guy who has messaged back and forth a few times also indicated he wanted to meet me. He has answered several of my questions with lengthy paragraphs (a plus). Just like most other guys, he has yet set up a time and place to get together. Here is a clue to all single people that try to meet people online, you actually have to meet in person someday if you want a relationship. I don’t want to waste another minute. I am done playing games, either you want to meet or you don’t.

I am now back in my imaginary relationship in my mind. I am treated right and no one questions my choice of vegetarian low salt diet. I don’t need to be impressed to feel adored.