Shine On The Shack


This pic is from a road trip, not a building I own.

I have had my old lawnmower listed for sale on craigslist for weeks now. I finally got one person interested and they are supposed to come look at it today. I hope they want it as much as I want it out of my shed and my life. I have talked before about my struggle to mow my 1/4 acre lawn with one functional arm. It is not just the lack of coordination that works against me, it is a compilation of many things. The morning dew, the soggy swamp after rain, the lack of daylight, the onslaught of mosquitos, my lazy teenage son, my bad memory, my guilt of running over frogs and snakes all contribute to my lawn related mental stress. I have been paying someone to mow it once per week. Of course this is almost financially impossible for someone on disability, but it is happening.

I need the lawnmower to sell. I need the financial gain it’s true, but I also need space in my shed. My daughter recently came to spend a week with me and she worked on clearing out and improving my shed. It has been a long time coming. We took trash away, we took bags to donate, and we gave away stuff for free on my lawn. I need this positivity to come back to me. I woke up this early sprinkly morning to get the lawnmower out and plug it in to charge. I forgot to do it yesterday. (stroke memory) I need it to charge enough that the buyer will want it. Selling this will clear square footage in my shed. It will also clear guilt and the weight of a bad decision from my brain. So many bad decisions, so little time to correct them….lol.

I also need the gas money from the lawnmower sale to provide gas funds to donate two bags of my household items to a charity garage sale. I need gas money to take all my trash away, as well as pay the $2 per bag. I am trying to purge the projects that I realize will never get done out of my life. This will help improve my other shack I call home. So many improvements to make, so little time or money. I played a $2 Powerball ticket yesterday. It was not my lucky day, I did not even match one number. That $2 would have helped buy ice cream or dispose of a bag of trash.

I have been thinking a lot lately about accepting help from others. It is another way for the Universe to smile on everyone. We should help each other anyway we can. It can be as simple as sharing a laugh, hitting the like button, or taking the time to say hello. Hello World….to be continued.

Yesterday was National Dog Day. I shared my watermelon with Ash (as everytime I have it myself). She loves her melon. Ash also slept with her boy on the couch most of the day, after waking me up early to let her out. We snuggled at night in my bed, as usual. She has the life of leisure. I did not feel compelled to take her pic, or share one I have done previously. I feel grateful for her so often, she is truly one of my soulmates.