Random Things On My Camera


I dropped my camera, yet again, really hard. So hard it came apart. I asked my son to help me put it back together. Miraculously, it still works, even though parts are still sticking out. I guess this pic of his hand was taken while he was fixing it.

My iphoto slows my computer down. I try to delete my ebay pics as soon as I list the items. I have been trying to get my other pics in google plus. I still need a hard back up. My son might have enough saved by the end of the year to get his own computer. I hope to put the theory of his online gaming is slowing my computer down to the test. Meanwhile, I keep plugging along.

I am having a hard month, with one untimely Ebay return. The end of the month is always hard for me. Yesterday, I paid for gas with a Sacajawea coin, and half dollars. Today I will pay for ebay shipping with dimes and quarters. I hope it all resolves itself soon.

What Can I Do?


I am overload of deciding what to do with the tons of crapola I have brought into my house to sell. To be fair to myself, not all of it was to sell. I am trying to downsize, so I can clean easier. I feel like a need a van to haul all this stuff to goodwill. I had the nerve to list a yard sale for yesterday. I then got a reality check in the morning of how much work it is for little profit. So yesterday and today I am trying to put stuff up on craigslist and ebay. Craigslist out in this rural area is very slow. I usually only put things on there that are very hard to ship. Yesterday, I gave away for free my houseplants. That is one less thing I have to worry about taking care of. My son’s doctor also said they could be a source of allergies. So between my son and dog and the houseplants, I got rid of the plants. I also got rid of a rusty old hammock stand. I only used it a few times. Mostly because my yard to relax is on a busyish corner with no fence for privacy.

If the mood hits me, I will fill up my car with a load for goodwill. I actually have one garbage bag of stuff that is going regardless.

I Am Still Here


I flew by myself, for the first time ever. Not a big deal, except worrying about my stroke brain….and plane crashes. I am afraid of heights, deathly afraid of flying. I have anxiety of new things in general. I was afraid of being caught up in the security line. I was sort of, but they quickly had me step aside to swab my palms once I told them I could not hold my arm up. It helped I started from a small airport, and had a non-stop flight.

I am very tired. Since coming home I have not had uninterrupted sleep. I have had to drive my son to school from him missing the bus. My dog has been sick and I had to let her out several times. I was all snug and ready to fall asleep tonight, but I forgot to take my meds. I had to come out to get water.

Tomorrow I hope will be my day to catch up and get things done.



I drove around a little after I dropped my son off at his group meeting. I saw an awesomw halloween display on someones porch. I hope to get my lights up with a few decorations this year.

I had a real horror in my garbage can. A possum was in there yesterday, when I tipped the can over today with a rake it was still there. I left the garbage can sideways and took off. I was too scared to see if it was dead or alive…my son said it was alive yesterday. I want it to be scared of me and run off into the woods. I don’t think it did.

Tomorrow is a new day. It is warming up again. I am so glad I won’t have to wear socks for awhile. I am almost packed for my trip. I still need to clean my house. My house always needs cleaning.

I lost a few more pounds. I am starving right now. I ate dinner late so I should not be hungry at all. I went to the doctor today. I have to go back in two months after I do bloodwork and a chest xray. I was surprised they said chest xray. The receptionist said they are routine, every year. Huh, I don’t remember having one ever.

There Is More Than One Way To Recycle


All the paper I am hoarding now can be sold by my great great offspring. I am just kidding of course, if this junk does not sell in a few months it is going in a large bin at the dump. I am hoping it sells.

I also have my own hoard of paper called snail mail. Collectors still use this ancient form of communication. I swear I will get through sorting mine tomorrow. My town uses it for their tax bill. I made a mistake last year of having the bank just cut them a check. They did not know what to do with it.

My son did not go to school today. He did wake himself up and start to get ready. He then woke me up to tell me he was not going, he did not feel good. Well I heard him sneeze all night, so I knew it was allergies. I told him he is taking an allergy pill and going tomorrow. One thing that is good with him being home, is I got him to take the garbage out. He had a surprise waiting for him in my empty garbage can. There was a possum inside. Yikes, I tried to look to see if it was gone later, I was too scared to get close enough to look in. I thought of tipping it over with a rake, which is what I will do tomorrow. At least it was not a skunk. I hope the bag of garbage sitting in my lawn makes it through the night undisturbed.

The Universe Provides


I asked and I received the best cat, the best grandkids, and soon I will meet my love.

I have done something different, because doing the same thing over and over without getting the intended results is futile. I have met someone online from a facebook group and will meet him in person next weekend. Don’t bother with your warnings that I will meet a fate such as death or worse. I have already met worse it is called my life since the stroke. Even if I am killed in a plane crash on the way there, or by getting tied up and tortured I will be happy that I did something positive for a change. I finally am starting to let go of my fears so I can have a happy life.

We need to take small chances, work on miracles, and go for our dreams. Sitting alone day after day is not a life. Make your miracle happen for you today. Feel free to enjoy mine as well, yet I won’t be sharing every detail. I can not change everything about me at once.

What Cookie?


Her great Aunt snuck her a cookie while her mom was in another room. This is her face before she smeared her hands all over her Aunt’s walls with the melted chocolate bits. She is growing up so fast.

All I managed to do today was some dishes, a few phone calls, I brought the laundry in, showered and took a nap. I made banana pancakes the last two burned, but I ate them anyway. Later in the day I made potato wedges. I left them in too long, so they were like potato leather. I have plenty of food left over this month. Part of the reason was my son was gone to his brother’s for a few weeks. Another reason is my son is too preoccupied with games to bother to get himself something to eat.

Munch Munch Monarchs


The monarch butterfly caterpillars are eating some milkweed that was cut and placed into a butterfly house. I got to see some live ones already trying to fly out of the house. I saw a few dead ones too, their wings fallen to the ground.

I have been so busy at home, trying to clean up my garden. I have been trying to clean up my house. I have been trying to list as much as I can on Ebay to get the stuff out of my house. I am not getting rich from sales. I wonder all the time if I should just give up trying to sell stuff completely.

Very recently I have started to converse by texting and emailing a man I met through facebook. We also skyped once. He has had a stroke too. This is a different guy than the one I was messaging before. So far there is nothing to creep me out. He gets my humor, which is a huge plus.